About Quality

The mission of Quality Fabrication & Supply today remains the same as it was when we opened the doors of our first fabrication plant in Longwood, Florida in the Fall of 1988.

The mission then was to offer competitive high quality fabrication and fire protection supplies to the fire protection contractors in Central Florida as an alternative to maintaining the traditional in-house fabrication shop.

The Fabricator of Choice
We strive to be the fabricator and supplier of choice for fire sprinkler and mechanical contractors throughout the southeastern United States and the Caribbean. We intend to accomplish this by contributing proactively to the customer's profitability and success with quality fabricated products and name brand materials. Each order is safely delivered on time, at a competitive price, from strategically located state-of-the-art warehouses and production facilities staffed with highly trained, capable, and intelligent employees.
Our Team
Our management team and employees are the most talented and experienced in the business and are committed to serving the industry. Our commitment, however, extends beyond that of our people, plants, production equipment, rolling stock and inventory. We actively participate in, and contribute to NFPA, AFSA, FFSA, ABC, and ASHRAE.
100% Employee-Owned Company
Our customers often say it just feels like Quality Fabrication cares more. There’s a reason for that. Every employee is also an owner. Every employee has a stake in your project’s success. As a 100% employee-owned company, our employees feel the difference, too. We champion each employee’s individual success to the entire company to achieve success. Our commitment creates a culture favoring promotion from within, long-term tenured employees, and people who really love to come to work.

Whether you find yourself looking for the right employment opportunity, the right partner to solidify your distribution channel, or the right partner to fabricate, supply, and deliver that next very important project, rest assured Quality Fabrication & Supply is the best all around solution for all of your needs.

Come home to quality, Quality Fabrication & Supply.

Quality Fabrication & Supply Is The Best All-Around Solution For Your Fabrication Needs

Our Services

From our inside sales team to our warehouse personnel, each component of our process is precisely coordinated to deliver the highest quality order fulfillment.

With over 70,000 square feet of warehouse space and over 10,000 part numbers, Quality Fabrication and Supply is sure to have the right part at the right time. We focus on minimizing backorders, maximizing the accuracy of part pulling, and ensuring the careful material boxing and wrapping of our shipments to limit the amount of damage during transportation.

Quality Fabrication uses the latest technology to quickly bundle steel piping for transport to your facility.
Quality Fabrication provides precision cutting services that match your sprinkler and mechanical industrial project requirements.
Welding requires highly trained craftsmen to provide the highest quality service and expertise. Each joint is a small work of art and every welder is trained and certified to create and repair all types of metal.
After the cutting process, we’re able to successfully roll grooves in piping of all sizes with precision.
Hanger Assembly
Our state-of-the-art facility is capable of assembling your custom hanger order. We’ve organized the process from start to finish, so you receive your order on time, every time.
The final step is one of the most important. We ensure your order is transported safely and efficiently to your job site.
Piping Solutions

Quality Fabrication and Supply offers prefabricated piping systems for HVAC and industrial applications.

Our Capabilities Include:
  • Cutting, Grooving, and Welding up to 48" pipe
  • Certified Welders
  • Threading up to 6" pipe
  • Fabrication of trapeze hangers and pipe supports
  • Iron Worker
  • Forklift Equipped Trucks
  • Job Site Delivery
  • Stocking Victaulic Distributor
Quality Fabrication ensures you have the correct products and materials on site for your next job.
Our craftsmen are detailed to ensure an effective threaded seal with no leaks.